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I’ll show you, deleted and blocked!

In the the three years that facebook has overtaken my teenage daughter’s life, the two actions that send a shockwave of indignation are the words “you’re blocked and deleted”.  Amazing to think that teenagers actually are offended that  a former friend or crush from a social networking site can have such power and impact right?  But never understand a teenager’s ability to find out everything, my enterprising daughter had access to some passwords and was still able to see the the profiles of those who “shock horror” had the audacity to delete her, probably a lesson in that for us adults who have facebook!


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Buckle up !

Imagine unprecedented and unlimited access to the teenage world of Facebook?

WELCOME to my blog, i’ll share with you, in what i describe as the wild frontier of Facebook as seen through my teenage daughter’s account, with her full permission of course!


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